New York City has more than 60 skilled trades, with nearly 3,500 skilled trades employees spread across 22 city agencies, including plumbers, carpenters, and electricians to name a few. Such dispersed but similar services provide an opportunity to share services, whereby all or some of the work currently occurring in individual departments at individual agencies is concentrated in a designated service center(s) to improve cost efficiency, service levels, and responsiveness to repair and maintenance demands.

ISLG’s Operations Management Team partnered with the NYC Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to develop a preliminary plan for creating a shared services environment for select skilled trades that identifies opportunities for greater efficiencies citywide. Our analysis focused on the planning efforts for three agencies and three trades to lay the groundwork for the future expansion of a shared services environment across multiple agencies and trades in subsequent fiscal years.

ISLG provided OMB with a situational analysis of the current condition of the skilled trades at the three agencies; options on the optimal headcount for implementing a shared environment based on our staffing models; and a proposal for the governance of the shared services pool, including considerations tied to employee work schedules, variable management operations across agencies and boroughs, and labor concerns.

ISLG identified the savings that can be achieved by managing the right balance of straight time and overtime as a result of sharing personnel and resources across these City agencies.

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