We enhance performance in government agencies by designing customized analytic solutions that increase efficiency and effectiveness for public sector agencies. Our solutions are easily implementable, manageable, and sustainable by agency leadership and staff. Our expertise spans multiple areas, including strategic planning, policy analysis, infrastructure investment, state and local finance, revenue and expenditure projections, optimal staffing models, and cost benefit/cost savings analysis.

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies increases their accountability and transparency to the public, and allows them to realize cost savings that can be reallocated to other priorities. Our goal is to work as a partner with each agency to provide unique solutions that enable the agency to meet its goals.

Our team has decades of experience working with state and local government and strategic partners. We are social scientists and experts with deep expertise who understand the political realities of our clients and the role finance and politics plays in making decisions that deeply affect people’s lives.

We maintain a portfolio of projects that deliver improvements in policy and management for government agencies. See our work in action:

For more information, please contact Shaun Edwards at Shaun.Edwards@islg.cuny.edu.