ISLG has developed models to identify the least costly mix of straight time and overtime to meet demand in government agencies. These models assist uniformed agencies with fixed posts and demand, as well as civilian agencies with fluctuating demand.

These models can be implemented in cities around the country. For example, the current models were developed for two New York City agencies to increase productivity within specific departments and realize cost savings for the City. The models will be implemented by the Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget and the Mayor’s Office of Op­erations in partnership with uniformed agencies.

The models are easy to understand, maintain, and update by agency personnel. Although various optimization models exist, our models are distinct by how readily agencies can, themselves,

  • adopt the models to calculate the optimal levels of staffing based on straight time and overtime hours and other assumptions;
  • implement and sustain model inputs and results without reliance on expensive consultants or external agents; and
  • realize substantial savings in the short- and long-run without diminishing service provision or performance.

The FY18 Mayor’s Executive Budget Citywide Savings Program relied on this work in developing initiatives aimed at reducing costs in the areas evaluated by ISLG.

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